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John Barban-Appropriate exercise for winter

Skip the running jumping in place, it is easy and does not require exercise only free corner of the corners of your room, but make sure to that you are not surrounded by any furniture from the room in order to avoid the collision and exposure to infection.

You can also climb stairs and coming off several times and at different speeds so that the difficulty of the exercise while running.
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 Do not forget the benefits of walking long distances in burning excess fat, and stay away from eating while walking in order to give your body a chance to get rid of excess calories that do not acquire more of them.

Try as exercise tightens the abdominal muscles and extra unit boredom by listening to love songs to you the number of times the bend and straighten your body and do not at a certain speed so as not you just get the fatigue quickly without completing the exercise as required.

Why do not you think about yoga?! Is it strange you did not before?
Why do not hesitate to center that specializes in training yoga and an approach to their bases as exact, it will save you hours of strenuous exercise will contribute to strengthen the muscles in your legs and thighs, and will give you periods of calm and meditation in order to your usual abilities to practice other sports.

Feeling lazy and do not give up never idle, which may make you constantly hiding place inside a closed screen TV with eating foods and hot drinks, and make the sport within your priorities are greater assurance to maintain health and energy regeneration.

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