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John Barban-Increase calories in the following ways

Eat some sweets at the end of each meal or replaced sandwich of cream and jam or honey.

Add the margarine when cooking foods in order to increase the calories in the food.

Add honey to milk and hot drinks.

Eating nuts and dried fruits in small meals or added to salads and rice.
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Drinking a glass of milk with lunch and dinner

Add grated cheese to rice, pasta and cheese cubes of white authority.

The use of butter or margarine on sandwiches when prepared before you put cheese or peanut butter and jam or honey added after that.

Whole milk or multiplier and that brings added a third of a cup of skim milk powder to a cup of whole milk, which contains calories superiority of whole milk by 50% and the amount of protein weakness whole milk.Avoid drinking water during meals because it weakens the digestive enzymes and hinders the process of digestion, as well as it fills the stomach and makes a slim feel full quickly.

Finally, we must learn that exercise plays an important role in maintaining human health where strengthens muscles and makes weight gain concentrated instead of increasing fat as it opens the appetite and reduce the impact of psychological stress on public health.

It must follow a program of balanced diet with exercise weights assigned exercises to build muscle and reduce the intensity of aerobic exercise a little.

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