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Joey Atlas-Cellulite problem of age!

Complains of Arab women of cellulite rampant in her body oblivious to the cause of its formation is due to the change and the switch in the skin layer in adulthood so that they appear spots or small scars deep in the legs, pelvis, buttocks, lower limbs and other members that can be made up by cellulite.

Some women are unaware of how to get rid of cellulite or cause of his appearance in the body are missing from the man stationed in their bodies to decide discomfort after him to begin hearings cosmetic or do Balmascat that move blood in the members in order to obtain the result of a remarkable and smooth skin.

A metaphor for cellulite fat cells monolith clustered around each other to form the bumps and spots harsh pressure on the circulatory and lymphatic leading to disruption in the functions of the natural fabric.
Causes injury Balsilolit

Get 80% of the females Balsloulit after changes in her life after puberty, such as a change in Alhoromunat especially before the menstrual cycle as locked body of water, salt, and that the direct influence of the hormone estrogen Oestrogene And Aldosterone  Aldosterone And after pregnancy in addition to the switch in diet, psychological crises, genetic factors and inflammation light skin infections.

Balsilolit affected the incidence of many factors, including race, and the distribution of fat under the skin and sudden, according to studies that cellulite is born in a woman's body before birth and in the twenty-sixth week of fetal life. When puberty begins cellulite cells appear to stop at the age of twenty.

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