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John Barban Review-Subjected to your muscles fatigue

Choose a weight less weight: so as not to subject your muscles fatigue. Choose a weight you can repeat the exercise 12-15 times and then lower the number of repeat exercise to 8 times, as the load heavyweight once expose you to infection during pregnancy.

 In the case of the injury suffered during the exercise, the body will need a long time to recover from the injury because he devotes all his time and attention to your child's growth and extending all its food needs. Consequently, you will not of exercise for a long time.

Avoid exercise that to lie on your back (such as weight-bearing exercise of the highest in the supine position on the bench coaching.) This situation reduces the blood flow to the uterus and the fetus, of course.

Avoid exercises that cause loss of balance: Exercises such as and squat. And you can replace those exercises bend and extend the foot. Preferably with the use of the fitness benefit them dramatically during pregnancy.

 And preferred to use the devices in the last periods of pregnancy because it helps you to perform the exercises safely and reduce the chances of loss of balance.

It also prevents the use of devices to activate muscles balance the secondary abdomen and pelvis, and this is very important because it is necessary not to cause any tension in this region during the period of pregnancyClick Here http://www.fatlosspot.com/venus-factor-review/

In addition the use of devices is to prevent exposure injuries joints. It is known that during pregnancy the joints exposed to the type of relaxation allows the ligaments lying down in preparation for pregnancy.

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