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Venus Factor-Find solutions to the flabby skin

Drink water: You must eat eight cups of water a day to maintain adequate moisture in the skin. In addition, the water helps rid the body of toxins and help get healthy skin.

Exercise: When we talk about exercise, we mean push-ups and brisk walking and any other exercises easy to do. When you practice the exercises you're building muscle and this in turn will reflect positively on the appearance of the skin. As well as the lack of exercise will help you gain weight lost.

Strength exercises: one of the best ways to get rid of excess skin, weight lifting. The exercise of national resistance exercises 3 times a week to build new muscles supporting the appearance of the skin.

Massage: a massage or massage helps to restore the skin's elasticity. It is best to use the recovered oil to achieve the best results, as it is rich in many of the characteristics that help you get the healthy skin. As well as daily massage helps in building muscles.

Peeling the skin three times a week: When're peeling the skin's surface, you the growth of a new layer of skin quickly. You can exfoliate your skin twice a day that would be useful in this tightening sagging skin, which came as a natural result of being overweight.

The use of medical creams: a national paint area flabby creams rich in vitamins e. Will not get the full results fast, but it will tighten the skin and reduce sagging. You can also use walnut oil and glycerol so always look for powders and creams that contain the natural oil.

Eating meat, poultry and fish: Choose foods rich in vitamins and minerals and bitch about sugars and saturated fats. Choose well as foods rich in fatty acids such as avocado, olive oil, fish oil and grain. Always look on the oil omega-3, which plays an important role in the reduction of sagging skin.
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Make sure to eat adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acid in your diet through fish oil or cod liver oil is working to strengthen the cells of the skin and keep it moist. Also, the omega-3 fats acts as a natural skin infections.
Stop Smoking: Cigarette smoking harms micro pillars inside the skin as it slows down the absorption of nutrients for the skin creams.

Protect your skin from the sun: skins that are exposed to sunburn be more likely to crimp and sag in the long term. To guard against UV rays that harm the skin, try to avoid the sun during peak hours (from ten in the morning until two pm) and if I had to go out in this period, make sure to wear a hat, sunglasses and national development of a special cream to protect against the sun's rays.

Remember that you need a bit of skin from the sun's rays to keep the freshness and authenticity, so make sure to expose your skin to direct sunlight for ten minutes after the second noon or before ten in the morning.

Surgery: If the cause slack in the incidence of medical problems to be timely surgical intervention. Such surgeries have complications in the habit so do not be resorted to only in case of emergency.

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