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Truth About Cellulite-Research study

Participated in the study, three healthy people and made them all three different tests and they had to eat a mixture of fruit juices.

The first test contained in the drink, which presented as food breakfast on 100% of the glucose which is the same percentage prescribed by doctors for patients to measure the sugar level.
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The second test was the volunteers a drink containing 50% glucose and 50% fructose in the third test had a drink containing 25% glucose and 75% fructose. Three tests were random and the people eating their food after the usual four hours of tests. The researchers discovered the process of increasing the sugar turning into fat in the third test, which has seen an increase in the consumption of fructose.

The study proved that fructose, which was addressed in the breakfast is the way in which it handles the body with lunch, after eating fructose increased liver fat storage in food meal Unlike normal, as were these fats are converted directly into energy in these otherwise healthy.

The thrust of this study that eating fructose breakfast meal in the body gave the adequacy of energy and thus the carbohydrates, which entered the body through food meal has been converted into fats and these fats are then stored in the body instead of burning them.

This study was conducted on healthy people and proved how fructose contributed to store fat, let alone obese persons who suffer primarily from an increase in weight?
It should never cancel the fruits of diet, but you must avoid processed foods that contain fructose unnatural.

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