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Joey Atlas Review-Beware of fructose

The fruits contain sugar high percentage of fructose. There are also a lot of fructose in artificial sweeteners such as fructose corn syrup, which companies use the food industry due to its cheap price and ease of blended juices and nutritional drinks and other products in addition to the strength of its sugar concentration.

Does not have to criminalize fructose and make it the only cause of the disease of obesity asserting that mere factor among other factors such as increased consumption of fat, protein and carbohydrates.
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The following is a list of foods and drinks that contain fructose: -
- Sugar, tea
- Corn syrup which is used in making candy Eastern and Western
- Nutritional Drinks
- Industrial juices
- Energy Drinks
- Chocolate Milk
- Breakfast cereals
- Precious sweetened
- Baked foods
- Jam
- Local yogurt
"These are some general tips that will help you in reducing weight gain:
- Cut down on your consumption of fructose-sweetened beverages and snacks by the rich. And the nature of the case, cut calories in half will not harm you in anything.

- Make sure not to increase the rate of your intake of carbohydrates about 50% of the total daily diet. And get carbohydrates from sources such as fiber-rich whole grains and vegetables.

- Always Read the bulletins on food to reduce consumption of fructose and glucose.
- Avoid packaged products containing the material components ending letters which is the last three letters which show that sugary material.

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