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Venus Factor-Facts to follow the best diet

Fact: Not all fat is harmful.
We all need fat in our diets, works to absorb some of the values important nutrients in the food, which is an integral part of the formation of cells and help the body to function different efficiently, but a lot of eating foods that contain a high percentage of fat, many pounds in addition to making you more susceptible to heart attacks and cancer, and even avoid taking those things, make sure to cook the food canola or olive oil, and eating fish of all kinds in different meals as much as possible.

Fact: Avoid eating carbohydrates for weight loss cause backfire.
Avoid eating carbohydrates during follow a diet food, makes you lose nutritional values are very important to build the muscles of the body, and so as not to fall down in a bind carbohydrate intake in an exaggerated manner lead to the opposite result, Strive always to take the amount of carbohydrates needed for your body by eating vegetables, fruits, and grains that where there is.

Here specialists offer you a simple program to your diet, which contain 50% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 20% protein.
Error: eating foods with a calorie few reduces weight.

Eating foods with low-calorie, makes you in a vegetative state and hunger constantly, unlike the low rate of the process of burning food, connects you to that state to crack down on the food, which allows for increased weight.Best Ideas http://www.fatlosspot.com/venus-factor-review/

So doctors advise you to eat your meals interspersed with the main snacks to be small quantities, and spaced at intervals, taking into account chew food slowly that gives you a sense of satiety quickly, and helps to digest food properly

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