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Joey Atlas-The doctor treated the backbone of a hat

Patients who helped say they have miraculous hands, as she points out that behind the success of the treatment is a huge knowledge acquired during their studies classical Chinese and Western medicine. Massage for this ancient method alleges that the best spine, stroke, paralysis, migraine and even neurological problems.

The doctor has to be honest. Clean face and pure soul is priceless
The doctor of traditional medicine found me in Belgrade for more than a decade ago at the invitation of sports experts from FC "Red Star". She is said to portal "woman", to help coaches and players in the treatment of sports injuries of the spine and knee, as its sub-specialization. Find More Information Here Joey Atlas Review

However, after the contract with the sports club, decided to stay in Belgrade and set up a Centre of Traditional Medicine "Flourish", through which they passed many Serbian politicians, diplomats, writers, actors, athletes, "ordinary" people.
Her patients say that a miraculous hand massages "fixes" stiff neck, spine, shoulder, and as many skilled and acupuncture. Needles fight against migraine, meningitis, facial nerve, and the consequences of stroke.

Believe me, for diseases of the spine, neck, head, stomach, blood vessels, various anxiety disorders, stress, potency and more of our medicine has long been a cure, but it is important for people to break down prejudice and believe in healing "unconventional" methods-notes parallel with traditional medicine and gained a degree of Western classical medicine.
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In our medicine emphasizes the connection between body, mind and spirit, as opposed to treating the result of western, traditional Chinese medicine looks for the cause of the problem and it heals.

Among my patients are some of your most distinguished physician, medical school professor, the most illustrious men of the people, who do not have prejudice against acupuncture and acupressure, who know that there is a cure, and when official medicine is powerless in some health problems

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