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Nervousness and tension - 3 techniques that relax current

Do not let the tension that you have accumulated during the week at work, weekend breaks. Try to relax with alternative techniques such as aromatherapy, music therapy, or hemorrhoids and nervousness will disappear as if by magic.

The scent relaxes sawmills
If the afternoon naps want to do more enjoyable and more effective, anti-stress scents fill the room. You can use a candle or diffuser or to apply a few drops of the appropriate essential oil at the bottom of the neck, behind the ears and at the point where the measured pulse. Among fragrance that will help you to feel better is one fragrance of fir, and they are great and citrus fruits, especially lemon and tangerine. You will not go wrong if you choose patchouli, jasmine and sandalwood.

Music Therapy
Let the good old evergreen
Some tunes relieve tension, while others flow into energy. Music is a powerful tool which can affect your mood and energy level, but it is crucial to choose the right tune.

For moments of relaxation are usually suitable slow melody, but it is also a subjective thing
The most important thing is to find music that you like best.
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Ginseng for stress
If you are tired or tense, the solution is an extract of ginseng, which, among other things, neutralizes free radicals responsible for cell aging.

Take 20 drops two to three times a day, but avoid doing that in the late afternoon and evening, so you do not disturb the dream.

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