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You could use a pharmaceutical treatment in the treatment of spinal atrophy?

How to use a pharmaceutical treatment for the treatment of lumbar spinal atrophy?
Pointing out that there are ways to treat atrophy of the lumbar spine is the pharmaceutical treatment or preventive treatments, which are used to try to stop lower back pain resulting from atrophy paragraphs.

Resort to pharmacological treatment would not completely eliminate the pain as confirmed experiments and previous cases denied, the patient injection, but have proved their inability to ease the pain of long-term, and that the use of epidural steroid injections (ESIS) proved in some cases not its ability to relieve pain in the form required, General Reviews http://healthandfitnes.mwb.im/

and are often used painkillers non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, as well as muscle relaxants, and analgesics for the treatment of low back pain, but the evidence on the effectiveness of the full not been established and should have a limited role in the treatment of atrophy of the lumbar spine.

Often doctors recommend patients atrophy the lumbar pain, or therapy, exercise, and the lack of pressure on the spine, and can in some cases advice Physiotherapy program to promote the provision of essential and which is useful in the treatment of atrophy of the lumbar spine.

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