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Venus Factor-How to treat neck pain

Neck pain, pain from the neck is almost the same as the causes of lower back pain with a different transmission of pain (as a result of the pressure on the nerve roots) to the shoulder and arms, and is diagnosed case full examination of the patient and compared and MRI on the neck area.

Months reasons are the joints of the cervical spine and is characterized by pain of vertebral joints in different types of pain caused them, and also the widespread her as she caused about eighty percent of neck pain caused arthritis upper neck type famous of headaches in the head, and cause arthritis middle of the neck in pain in the neck.Free Venus Factor Review Report

 The joints of the lower neck causing pain in the shoulder and upper chest from behind, such as the neck muscles, which are diagnosed with clinical examination, these pains and is injected into the muscle with anti-inflammatory
The Homeland slipped disc and is cured by an x-ray showing injection into the neural tube of the neck.

In the case of slipped disc are the work of a scalable and steaming cartilage cervical with the benefit the same features such as steaming cartilage lumbar are as follows:

is performed using local anesthesia during the opening minutes Leave No Trace with failure to remove any part of the spine,
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and the lack of any laceration in the back muscles, and maintain the dynamic stability of the spine, and does not require stitches and are from outside the neural tube does not happen then fibrosis or adhesions nerve canal, and it takes about twenty minutes and the patient's return to his home after an hour

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