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Five Golden Tips to enjoy better health throughout the lifespan

For a number of golden tips and simple, to enjoy better health throughout the lifespan and increase the shelf life experienced by the human, and the most important to you this means:

1. Adding foods with a red color to the table, your food and eating on a regular basis, such as red cabbage, which belongs to the family of vegetables crusade, which is one of the best ways to enjoy good health and increases the life of a human being, which is protected from cancer, as well as beet juice, which contains quantities large nitrate compounds and helps energizes the blood vessels.

2. Eating a cup of black tea a day, which increases the survival rates for patients who have been pre-heart attack and reduce the chances of death by 28%, which was attends upon the British Queen's famous Elizabeth on a daily basis and has had a positive impact big on them, where she lived for a long time too were enjoying the very good health.
3. Try to remember the number one of your friends' phone numbers registered on your cell phone on a daily basis, so as to keep your mind in the case of an active and vigilant, and to exercise the brain to synthesize information better and maintain a strong and memory functions.

4. Maintained the flexibility of your body in order to remain young all the time and that the practice of exercises elongation, which is one of the best aids on it, especially after getting a bath Davy, which improves the development of gait and prevents muscle pain and makes you enjoy the best health throughout the day and also exercises prolongation Following the warm bath relieves pain, which affects the body in general.

5. Then use him home instead of the elevator and walk on your feet and that the rise every two degrees together rather than one degree of increased activity and oneself physically, which strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, thigh and foot muscles are all in general, and if unable to this practice this activity, it is possible that the rise Twice down the stairs and down to get the same benefit.

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