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The role of ginger in the treatment of diseases

To enhance memory and to save and not forgetting
Ginger taken from the ground as much as 55 grams, and frankincense 50 grams, and 50 grams of black bean mix together and kneaded in a kilo of honey, and a teaspoon of it taken on an empty stomach daily with raisins and pine.

For the treatment of migraine headaches
Knead ground ginger as much as a teaspoon in a cup of olive oil, and rub it with a place of pain to drink boiled ginger with mint, cumin and a teaspoon of each such as tea.

For the treatment of decompression sickness
To adjust the pressure drop or rise boiling ginger drink sweetened with honey bees morning after breakfast and in the evening swallow garlic cloves clip with a glass of milk.

Colic resulting from diarrhea
Taken half a teaspoon of crushed ginger, and mix in a cup of boiling with cumin, then drain and shown and drink
Treatment for hoarseness and difficulty speaking

Paint the throat toothpaste, ginger, mint, olive oil, 1:1: 3 with boiling drinking star anise plant sweetened with sugar or sucking candy.
Original Review http://healthandfitness.svbtle.com/

For the treatment of indigestion: ginger jam made with mint, and cook it half a kilo of honey and disarmament, then add 50 grams and 25 grams ginger, crushed mint, and take a teaspoon after each eat.

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