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In a year and a half ago with 120 lost weight at 55 pounds!

To be in a year and a half and can more than halve the weight of the body and stay healthy proved from fields that prides itself with its 55 pounds. In fact, before he decided to lose weight was 120 pounds.

Decided to discard bad habits, there is no more a pound sticks for lunch, scooping five times the plate for lunch, or going after a hearty meal dental hygienist. Weight loss has not introduced any particular regime. She threw only bread and proceeded to eat the rest.

The thing is quantity. After they emptied the plate for lunch, it would immediately put down the sink and went out for a walk.
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The first 500 meters, and then I gradually increased and often violent stroke - Hrastic states
She was at 49 pounds, but is still slightly back so as not to undermine health. Now proudly posing in one leg of the old work pants, which she seamstress several times had to expand

Now more and cannot eat as much as she could before. But it's full of confidence.

Never in my skin did not feel like now and subjectively and objectively. I kept listening'' Thick, thick, fed well to ashes! "- Says proudly.

Shocked many people a new look. At the celebration of anniversaries, graduations many former classmates did not recognize her and even her or third neighbor after half a year did not recognize.
The feeling was great - concludes interlocutor

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