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The New Health Strategies

Overall, the strategy seems well structured, multi-faceted and designed to create a modern European health, pride of place on the medical profession and the care of the state to protect public health.

 At the same time the document has many inaccuracies and omissions, and lack of an action plan to implement the strategy, which hinders the adoption and integrity. It is not clear nor are the institutions responsible for implementation and as well as the participation of professional organizations. Almost none of the goals and objectives stated pen, which will provide funding to implement them. Click Here http://healthandfitnessideas.igots.me

Talks about budget MH NHIF and others, which is known to be underfinanced and under-provide their core business, let alone further attributed their activities to implement the strategy.

 At the same time the percentage of GDP allocated to health care in the State budget is not increased to cover the funding of the new goals and objectives of the strategy.
In terms of statistics, reflected in the introduction of the strategy are exported accurate and startling data.

Now, here however, did not comment on the reasons leading to these statistics. Speaking of negative growth and an aging population tends to increase the mortality rate, with a greater share in the villages, but no comment on the lack of quality and timely healthcare in villages and small towns.

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