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Venus Factor-Health System Strategy

Regarding the functioning of the health system strategy comment a few moments - weakness in the provision of quality care at the national level and linking it with funding, despite numerous regulations regarding accreditation of medical
institutions and the creation of an integrated information system at national level does not specify, however, that this is a result of the neglect of these issues in a series of MH's manual.

Regarding the financing of the health system are exported sad and shocking data:

•    our health care payment is twice less than other EU countries, that about a million and a half citizens do not participate in the health insurance process, as we know good health is worth the same in USA and in England, for example; Incidentally, this is not very clear figures B.P. as there are persons who enter and leave the system...

•    Financial resources to maintain fixed assets such as buildings, equipment, infrastructure and others remain insufficient;

•    inability to share the financial burden between more buyers of health services, the imperfections of the contract system for determining the conditions for the provision and payment of health care, do not stimulate the development of financially sustainable health system;Click Here http://www.fatlosspot.com/venus-factor-review/

•    Ineffective control of health care providers;

•    Lack of incentives to reduce their costs

•    Amid failures identified key challenges in the area of financing are very common and desirable.

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