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April 18 2014


Truth About Cellulite-Research study

Participated in the study, three healthy people and made them all three different tests and they had to eat a mixture of fruit juices.

The first test contained in the drink, which presented as food breakfast on 100% of the glucose which is the same percentage prescribed by doctors for patients to measure the sugar level.
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The second test was the volunteers a drink containing 50% glucose and 50% fructose in the third test had a drink containing 25% glucose and 75% fructose. Three tests were random and the people eating their food after the usual four hours of tests. The researchers discovered the process of increasing the sugar turning into fat in the third test, which has seen an increase in the consumption of fructose.

The study proved that fructose, which was addressed in the breakfast is the way in which it handles the body with lunch, after eating fructose increased liver fat storage in food meal Unlike normal, as were these fats are converted directly into energy in these otherwise healthy.

The thrust of this study that eating fructose breakfast meal in the body gave the adequacy of energy and thus the carbohydrates, which entered the body through food meal has been converted into fats and these fats are then stored in the body instead of burning them.

This study was conducted on healthy people and proved how fructose contributed to store fat, let alone obese persons who suffer primarily from an increase in weight?
It should never cancel the fruits of diet, but you must avoid processed foods that contain fructose unnatural.

Venus Factor-Find solutions to the flabby skin

Drink water: You must eat eight cups of water a day to maintain adequate moisture in the skin. In addition, the water helps rid the body of toxins and help get healthy skin.

Exercise: When we talk about exercise, we mean push-ups and brisk walking and any other exercises easy to do. When you practice the exercises you're building muscle and this in turn will reflect positively on the appearance of the skin. As well as the lack of exercise will help you gain weight lost.

Strength exercises: one of the best ways to get rid of excess skin, weight lifting. The exercise of national resistance exercises 3 times a week to build new muscles supporting the appearance of the skin.

Massage: a massage or massage helps to restore the skin's elasticity. It is best to use the recovered oil to achieve the best results, as it is rich in many of the characteristics that help you get the healthy skin. As well as daily massage helps in building muscles.

Peeling the skin three times a week: When're peeling the skin's surface, you the growth of a new layer of skin quickly. You can exfoliate your skin twice a day that would be useful in this tightening sagging skin, which came as a natural result of being overweight.

The use of medical creams: a national paint area flabby creams rich in vitamins e. Will not get the full results fast, but it will tighten the skin and reduce sagging. You can also use walnut oil and glycerol so always look for powders and creams that contain the natural oil.

Eating meat, poultry and fish: Choose foods rich in vitamins and minerals and bitch about sugars and saturated fats. Choose well as foods rich in fatty acids such as avocado, olive oil, fish oil and grain. Always look on the oil omega-3, which plays an important role in the reduction of sagging skin.
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Make sure to eat adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acid in your diet through fish oil or cod liver oil is working to strengthen the cells of the skin and keep it moist. Also, the omega-3 fats acts as a natural skin infections.
Stop Smoking: Cigarette smoking harms micro pillars inside the skin as it slows down the absorption of nutrients for the skin creams.

Protect your skin from the sun: skins that are exposed to sunburn be more likely to crimp and sag in the long term. To guard against UV rays that harm the skin, try to avoid the sun during peak hours (from ten in the morning until two pm) and if I had to go out in this period, make sure to wear a hat, sunglasses and national development of a special cream to protect against the sun's rays.

Remember that you need a bit of skin from the sun's rays to keep the freshness and authenticity, so make sure to expose your skin to direct sunlight for ten minutes after the second noon or before ten in the morning.

Surgery: If the cause slack in the incidence of medical problems to be timely surgical intervention. Such surgeries have complications in the habit so do not be resorted to only in case of emergency.

John Barban Scam-Flabby skin as a result of rapid weight loss

Happen as a result of sagging skin to lose a lot of weight in a short time. The gradual weight loss or slow does not lead to a final sagging skin on the contrary, gives the body a chance to deal naturally with the changes that occur as a result of weight loss.

Eat a healthy balanced diet contains vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain the health of the skin, and, above all, must be the process of losing weight gradually.Other Links http://healthandfitnes.zoints.com/blog

How skin?
The beginning is not recommended doctor’s weight loss quickly and why you also you lose muscle density as well as fat. And maintaining muscle mass is necessary for the continuation of the process of metabolism and maintains the strength of the flesh and bones, ligaments textile.

Impairment of rapid weight: When you lose weight quickly, especially if accompanied by a diet or weight-loss surgery, the skin hanging unacceptably and it becomes difficult to get rid of this problem. And the problem of sagging skin occurs automatically after the loss of a large volume of weight (30 kg) in a short period of time.

Age and genetics: There are many factors that help sagging skin as well as the first reason referred to a rapid impairment of weight. Age is, genes and skin elasticity all of these factors contribute to sagging skin.
Pregnancy: You may treat abdomen after pregnancy.

Exposure to the sun: exposure past, present and future to the sun have its adverse effects on the skin.
Nutrition and drinking water: lack of access to healthy balanced diet and drink adequate amounts of water scarcity vitamins (especially vitamin C and e) affect the health and appearance of the skin

John Barban Review-Subjected to your muscles fatigue

Choose a weight less weight: so as not to subject your muscles fatigue. Choose a weight you can repeat the exercise 12-15 times and then lower the number of repeat exercise to 8 times, as the load heavyweight once expose you to infection during pregnancy.

 In the case of the injury suffered during the exercise, the body will need a long time to recover from the injury because he devotes all his time and attention to your child's growth and extending all its food needs. Consequently, you will not of exercise for a long time.

Avoid exercise that to lie on your back (such as weight-bearing exercise of the highest in the supine position on the bench coaching.) This situation reduces the blood flow to the uterus and the fetus, of course.

Avoid exercises that cause loss of balance: Exercises such as and squat. And you can replace those exercises bend and extend the foot. Preferably with the use of the fitness benefit them dramatically during pregnancy.

 And preferred to use the devices in the last periods of pregnancy because it helps you to perform the exercises safely and reduce the chances of loss of balance.

It also prevents the use of devices to activate muscles balance the secondary abdomen and pelvis, and this is very important because it is necessary not to cause any tension in this region during the period of pregnancyClick Here http://www.fatlosspot.com/venus-factor-review/

In addition the use of devices is to prevent exposure injuries joints. It is known that during pregnancy the joints exposed to the type of relaxation allows the ligaments lying down in preparation for pregnancy.

April 17 2014


About Cellulite-Cellulite problem of age!

Cellulite resulting from the small arteries in the body
Cellulite appears in this case, at the age of puberty, especially in the hands and feet. If you feel constipated, and discomfort from the cold if you do these steps:

Cleanse your bowels twice each month in order to get rid of sediment and viruses.
Thyself for massages and masks capable of moving the blood circulation and stimulate tissue.

It's behind me and the result of an imbalance in ovarian hormones or error in the formation of the hip. In this case it is better that women are subject to hearings Mesotherapie, Endermologie For three times a week for a period of three months to get rid of as much as possible from this type of cellulite.

Do not Thmli cellulite before or after pregnancy. Keep your weight, Do not allow yourself to a sudden increase or decrease the sudden and Oazba the sport.
Types of Cellulite
Cellulite resulting from a failure to function of the arteries:
Show this case with a large number of women after puberty and that of the highest thighs and ankles even begin this situation to worsen in the event of repeated pregnancy and excessive handling of the candiesVisit my Web Pages http://www.fatlosspot.com/truth-about-cellulite-review/

In this case you have a loss of 3 to 5 kilos in a month with exercise regularly and taking medication to treat the arteries and lymphatic massage.

Joey Atlas-Cellulite problem of age!

Complains of Arab women of cellulite rampant in her body oblivious to the cause of its formation is due to the change and the switch in the skin layer in adulthood so that they appear spots or small scars deep in the legs, pelvis, buttocks, lower limbs and other members that can be made up by cellulite.

Some women are unaware of how to get rid of cellulite or cause of his appearance in the body are missing from the man stationed in their bodies to decide discomfort after him to begin hearings cosmetic or do Balmascat that move blood in the members in order to obtain the result of a remarkable and smooth skin.

A metaphor for cellulite fat cells monolith clustered around each other to form the bumps and spots harsh pressure on the circulatory and lymphatic leading to disruption in the functions of the natural fabric.
Causes injury Balsilolit

Get 80% of the females Balsloulit after changes in her life after puberty, such as a change in Alhoromunat especially before the menstrual cycle as locked body of water, salt, and that the direct influence of the hormone estrogen Oestrogene And Aldosterone  Aldosterone And after pregnancy in addition to the switch in diet, psychological crises, genetic factors and inflammation light skin infections.

Balsilolit affected the incidence of many factors, including race, and the distribution of fat under the skin and sudden, according to studies that cellulite is born in a woman's body before birth and in the twenty-sixth week of fetal life. When puberty begins cellulite cells appear to stop at the age of twenty.

Cinnamon guide in the fight against abdominal fat

Drink cinnamon from hot drinks rich elements useful, which gives the body activity, and energy, and provided medical studies important information about the cinnamon after it conducted the studies and scientific research in the role of cinnamon in getting rid of abdominal fat, waist and also have a role in reducing the level of blood sugar, and cinnamon Benefits also in maintaining insulin sensitivity and has anti-oxidant properties and anti-bacterial.

In spite of that cinnamon does not help burn fat directly, such as speeding up the metabolic rate and the like, but help in the fight against abdominal fat and so indirectly by regulating the level of sugar in the blood and increase insulin sensitivity.

Therefore, you should increase the use of cinnamon daily in your meals such as the use of cinnamon on yogurt or cottage cheese, juices, oatmeal or any meal suitable to put cinnamon on it.

You can also eat cinnamon capsules before meals, especially before meals, high-calorie and this will hold the rate of sugar in the blood and reduces the feeling of hunger, which leads to weight loss effectively later with time.

Among the benefits of cinnamon as a powerful antioxidant helps to maintain the freshness of your face and free of wrinkles and will help you to emerge from the age of the youngest age always.

John Barban-Increase calories in the following ways

Eat some sweets at the end of each meal or replaced sandwich of cream and jam or honey.

Add the margarine when cooking foods in order to increase the calories in the food.

Add honey to milk and hot drinks.

Eating nuts and dried fruits in small meals or added to salads and rice.
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Drinking a glass of milk with lunch and dinner

Add grated cheese to rice, pasta and cheese cubes of white authority.

The use of butter or margarine on sandwiches when prepared before you put cheese or peanut butter and jam or honey added after that.

Whole milk or multiplier and that brings added a third of a cup of skim milk powder to a cup of whole milk, which contains calories superiority of whole milk by 50% and the amount of protein weakness whole milk.Avoid drinking water during meals because it weakens the digestive enzymes and hinders the process of digestion, as well as it fills the stomach and makes a slim feel full quickly.

Finally, we must learn that exercise plays an important role in maintaining human health where strengthens muscles and makes weight gain concentrated instead of increasing fat as it opens the appetite and reduce the impact of psychological stress on public health.

It must follow a program of balanced diet with exercise weights assigned exercises to build muscle and reduce the intensity of aerobic exercise a little.

John Barban-Appropriate exercise for winter

Skip the running jumping in place, it is easy and does not require exercise only free corner of the corners of your room, but make sure to that you are not surrounded by any furniture from the room in order to avoid the collision and exposure to infection.

You can also climb stairs and coming off several times and at different speeds so that the difficulty of the exercise while running.
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 Do not forget the benefits of walking long distances in burning excess fat, and stay away from eating while walking in order to give your body a chance to get rid of excess calories that do not acquire more of them.

Try as exercise tightens the abdominal muscles and extra unit boredom by listening to love songs to you the number of times the bend and straighten your body and do not at a certain speed so as not you just get the fatigue quickly without completing the exercise as required.

Why do not you think about yoga?! Is it strange you did not before?
Why do not hesitate to center that specializes in training yoga and an approach to their bases as exact, it will save you hours of strenuous exercise will contribute to strengthen the muscles in your legs and thighs, and will give you periods of calm and meditation in order to your usual abilities to practice other sports.

Feeling lazy and do not give up never idle, which may make you constantly hiding place inside a closed screen TV with eating foods and hot drinks, and make the sport within your priorities are greater assurance to maintain health and energy regeneration.

April 16 2014


Venus Factor-Fat loss for professionals

Steroids category yet aside, perhaps the exaggerated muscle increases do not worry if you do not take steroids. It looks just as good if not associated with obesity.

Otherwise, these girls generally have a healthy physique and also very nice.

 Apparently for business reasons, however, supported women's fear of muscles and exercise
 Probably because they would not spend billions a year for creams, diets, and other guaranteed and modern methods of weight loss.
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Interestingly, bodybuilder, which in its top form arouses dread, gives the off-season only envy and admiration.
For comparison, the last place I put one of these cats in competitive form. But again, such forms do not be afraid, for that is needed more than a normal diet.

 Here we get on thin ice, and indicate how offend
 Just as steroids in sports and its broader ethical issue a separate article

Also, they look at other sports than just bodybuilding and fitness.
 It is clear that different sports have different effects on the body, also there have a genetic disposition, and not least the fact that we have no idea of where the abuse steroids.

Tip: This form already requires so much knowledge and toil is not what they do.
Obesity A lot of girls think that there is one and if nee. Or the other way around
Council of kilos and height are not helping. Muscles is 2x weighs more than fat.

April 15 2014


Joey Atlas Review-Cellulite Cream Do they work?

Cellulite Cream Do they work?

Anti-cellulite creams are quite effective in this regard.

With the development of science manufactured products cellulite treatment on the basis of cells giving elasticity to the skin can reduce the appearance although it does not disappear completely.

Cellulite is a disease of note.
Therefore, cosmetic process can be solved by complex methods may also be implemented.

Cosmetic experts of this cream are more effective than s denotes the night. At night because your body is busy with storage business. Cells actively absorb and use nutrients.

Therefore, in the evening after taking a shower, rub your body with a towel or sponge.
 Then the cream  cellulite lid apply to the region.  Massage also increasing blood flow cellulite will help against.
Anti-cellulite diet

The second issue to be aware of the nutrition  is your flat.

 Fast food, sodas, chips, fries, chocolate sauce and you need to reduce as much as possible. If you smoke you can also get vitamin supplements.

 Cellulite line to assist you in coping with certain foods is also available.

These pistachios, cabbage, pineapple and rice as well as fibrous foods

Finally, when choosing a hypoallergenic product and use a product containing herbal be much safer to say that you always have benefits.

Please note the correct  cellulite  type, but a reliable and correctly selected  the cream  if you can focus on your both your money as well as time wasted.

Truth About Cellulite-Search on cellulite treatment

Blood and lymphatic circulation is regulated stronger.

Biomechanical muscle condition in the muscles is increased with a warning.

Helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate.

AWT situations in which applicable?

Pies and those with severe liver failure and breastfeeding

Phlebitis and deep vein thrombosis in the leg if there is a

Treatment of inflammatory conditions in the presence of

Surgery for varicose veins in the legs have been executed

Those with serious cardiovascular disease

Those with untreated bleeding disorders or those who have to take blood thinners uncontrolled diabetes in patients with advanced AWT methods are not exploited.

AWT Treatment Process What should be aware of?

Search on treatment days 3 liters of water to drink 4 liters.

20 minute walk every day will do.

Using drugs to blood thinners you can return to normal daily activities immediately after treatment. Should not be taken within 12 hours after treatment with hot shower immediately after this, should the sun.

Mesa therapy when can I see the results?
The results of treatment applied to the area and extent of the problem varies. Generally 4 results taken after the session starts.

Even more importantly, why everyone started these codes are different. Briefly how everyone's unique structural features, if everyone have its own cellulite!

Eat carbohydrates before exercise to get better results

Find best ways to maintain ideal body, requires us to actively pursue each new in the world of medicine and nutrition, and because many of the ladies themselves inductively about diets and tips that relate to maintaining fitness, it undoubtedly will not be without falling into some errors, or be followed is not correct for some guidance.

The others of the ladies remains stick to some information which who received it from a people without trying to research and the question of what is new, and the example of these tips with regard to carbohydrates and energy drinks, believed by many people that energy drinks and other beverages are necessary before the start of the exercise sports.Highful Information http://www.fatlosspot.com/venus-factor-review/

But nutrition experts and public health are advised to eat a snack of foods rich in carbohydrates slow combustion as provide the body with energy gradually and avoid the person sudden drop of energy, and foods that are recommended by the bananas, potatoes, pasta and other foods rich in carbohydrates, and is also advised to drink water during exercis

Venus Factor Review-Burn fat and diet pills, and carbohydrate blockers

Blockers fat - approved Food and Drug Administration recently over the counter sale of a new drug that blocks fat is said to be. Drug, Xenical is a grain diet prescription that works by blocking the production of enzymes that digest fats, so will almost digested one-third of the fat that a person eats will secrete other two-thirds.

Main Ingredient: Chitosan, other element: other proprietary popular pill: Xenical (prescription) appetite suppressants - appetite suppressants do exactly that, and suppress the appetite, so that you do not 'feel' hungry.

These pills work by increasing the level of serotonin in the brain chemicals that are believed to control in regulating mood and hunger in the brain.

Your brain is essentially fooled into believing that he is not hungry. Dietary supplements are stacked according to the purpose of which is within the scheme fat loss.

Main ingredient: a combination of the following: ECA - ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin or a combination of the products sold by many companies supplement. Carbohydrate blockers - work "carbohydrate blockers" carbohydrates from being absorbed in the body during the process of digestion, which leads to obstruction overall reduction in carbohydrates, and therefore calories, which encourages weight loss

Main components: substance extracted from white kidney beans. Other element: chromium, vanadium popular pill: blocker if you can choose a fat burner or carbohydrate blocker, or diet pills to make sure you do your homework and know what you're putting in your body. In the "diet pill review", you can read and write notes to more than 150 the most popular diet pills
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