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April 15 2014


Truth About Cellulite-Search on cellulite treatment

Blood and lymphatic circulation is regulated stronger.

Biomechanical muscle condition in the muscles is increased with a warning.

Helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate.

AWT situations in which applicable?

Pies and those with severe liver failure and breastfeeding

Phlebitis and deep vein thrombosis in the leg if there is a

Treatment of inflammatory conditions in the presence of

Surgery for varicose veins in the legs have been executed

Those with serious cardiovascular disease

Those with untreated bleeding disorders or those who have to take blood thinners uncontrolled diabetes in patients with advanced AWT methods are not exploited.

AWT Treatment Process What should be aware of?

Search on treatment days 3 liters of water to drink 4 liters.

20 minute walk every day will do.

Using drugs to blood thinners you can return to normal daily activities immediately after treatment. Should not be taken within 12 hours after treatment with hot shower immediately after this, should the sun.

Mesa therapy when can I see the results?
The results of treatment applied to the area and extent of the problem varies. Generally 4 results taken after the session starts.

Even more importantly, why everyone started these codes are different. Briefly how everyone's unique structural features, if everyone have its own cellulite!

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