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April 23 2014


The doctor treated the backbone of a hat

Acupuncture needles fight against migraine, meningitis, facial nerve, and the consequences of stroke
Acupuncture, massage, or treat cups with hot air, the technique which treats his patients. Dr. Bo recalls several cases from their practices that confirm the power of traditional Chinese medicine.

A combination of acupuncture and acupressure cure'm a thirteen year old girl who was a basketball hit in the head and which was subsequently lost the power of speech.
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Official medicine was powerless; records showed that the girl's all right, but the question of whether parents will ever speak physicians silently shrugged their shoulders.
However, after 26 days of treatment with me running out of the office singing, like many patients who have long suffered from migraine attacks - says our interlocutor.

 She points out that, in some cases acupuncture may help to avoid surgery.
After the fall of the silo for corn dropped shoulder was in hospital for 3-4 months. They told him he needs surgery, he would not for the life of the head.

However, he was afraid, and acupuncture. He agreed to treatment when I explained to him that is all natural. His right arm was dead, fingers and arm went numb. When I stabbed the needle a certain point, he raised his hand and just said, "Oh, my God." He was happy that he avoided surgery, and since then he called me every year on the Feast - happily, that all the patients in the meantime become and a great friend.

I have such a relationship with the patient to think of them when they are not in the office. I was happy when they tell me they are better, but when I assure you that it is. When I see people on that after years of unsuccessful treatment are no longer see the painful cramp

I know that my life has meaning. White doctoral gown obliges me that patients come first. If I cannot help you, tell them where to go. The doctor has to be honest. Clean face and pure soul is priceless.

 Such a work ethic and life principles adopted in his native, growing up in the province of Shandong, where it comes from and the famous philosopher Confucius. The doctor points out that Confucius taught his people to be good, it has a cheek to be honest and loves his country and he needs to learn when he was alive.

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