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April 25 2014


John Barban Review-Burn fat by exercise

Burn fat or ' fat-burning ' means using stored fat as fuel to support the work of the body
Reduce total body fat ( Which is what most people want when they say they want to ' lose weight ' ) associated with burning calories more each day. (Whether it comes from fat stored or stored glucose ) will be replaced with calories consumed as food. In most weight loss success by meeting this goal , often with the help of exercises that burn fat and build muscle workout . (Because muscle cells burn more calories at rest than fat cells)

This exercise uses more energy?
In energy consumption significantly and increases the use of fat and carbohydrates that you need to perform exercises that use the large muscles of the arms and legs and carry it in a long time , for example, walking. , running, swimming, biking or doing aerobics for 30 minutes or more

The biggest factor determining how many calories . (That is, the amount of energy ) that you used during exercise is how you do the walk 3 kilometers to use almost the same amount of energy to run 3 miles, but of course the 3 km walk will take longer. to use it
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The second factor that affects the amount of energy you use is the intensity of the workout. Jogging for 30 minutes uses more energy than a 30-minute walk of the main reasons is because you will travel a distance of more than 30 minutes of jogging in 30 minutes of walking.

The intensity of exercise also influences How to lose weight the proportion of energy that you get from fat and carbohydrates. Low intensity exercise such as walking, mostly fat , with some carbohydrate harder you exercise the more energy you use per minute and greater proportion of carbohydrates. Vigorous exercise most of the carbohydrates.

 ( Muscle glycogen ), but this does not mean that it is not efficient , while trying to minimize fat storage your environment your glycogen stores some of the carbohydrates you eat will be used to replenish glycogen and . you are less likely to store the excess as fat.

So you want to find the balance between exercise as hard as you can and do it for a reasonable period of time (30 to 60 minutes per day) , for example , it is better to walk for an hour than to . Jog for 5 minutes, but it would be more efficient to walk briskly. (Or jog), rather than a slow walk.

April 24 2014


John Barban Review-The role of ginger in the treatment of diseases

Research has confirmed the benefit of ginger in it repelling gas, where it enters in the composition of drugs dilating blood vessels, a soothing heat, and in the treatment of menstrual pain,

and migraine, anxiety and stress, and irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bronchitis and crises asthma, and insect stings, which is also beneficial for heart disease, kidney and liver, and stiffness of joints, colds, and is useful for the treatment of many diseases, but it is more effective when mixed with foods or other herbs.
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Ginger role in getting rid of body toxins
Of the most important ways that are used to reduce muscle pain and weakness on the Elimination of taking a bath warm ginger, put three or four tablespoons of powdered ginger root in a small saucepan and filled with water, then boiled, then leave for 15 minutes.

Then strain the mixture and add to the water bath, which by the lukewarm water, then soak your body in the bath for a period of not more than 25 minutes, and are advised not to exceed 25 minutes, as advised to drink water before and after, because Ginger will come out of the amount of fluid from your body loaded with some harmful substances.

Before getting out of bed can have a drink warm ginger sweetened with a little honey dry biscuits (tea biscuits), and then wait until enough minutes to start the effectiveness of ginger before getting out of bed in the morning. Eating ginger green with meals, or eating ginger powder equivalent to one teaspoon per day, and can be divided to 3 times a day.

Five Golden Tips to enjoy better health throughout the lifespan

For a number of golden tips and simple, to enjoy better health throughout the lifespan and increase the shelf life experienced by the human, and the most important to you this means:

1. Adding foods with a red color to the table, your food and eating on a regular basis, such as red cabbage, which belongs to the family of vegetables crusade, which is one of the best ways to enjoy good health and increases the life of a human being, which is protected from cancer, as well as beet juice, which contains quantities large nitrate compounds and helps energizes the blood vessels.

2. Eating a cup of black tea a day, which increases the survival rates for patients who have been pre-heart attack and reduce the chances of death by 28%, which was attends upon the British Queen's famous Elizabeth on a daily basis and has had a positive impact big on them, where she lived for a long time too were enjoying the very good health.
3. Try to remember the number one of your friends' phone numbers registered on your cell phone on a daily basis, so as to keep your mind in the case of an active and vigilant, and to exercise the brain to synthesize information better and maintain a strong and memory functions.

4. Maintained the flexibility of your body in order to remain young all the time and that the practice of exercises elongation, which is one of the best aids on it, especially after getting a bath Davy, which improves the development of gait and prevents muscle pain and makes you enjoy the best health throughout the day and also exercises prolongation Following the warm bath relieves pain, which affects the body in general.

5. Then use him home instead of the elevator and walk on your feet and that the rise every two degrees together rather than one degree of increased activity and oneself physically, which strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, thigh and foot muscles are all in general, and if unable to this practice this activity, it is possible that the rise Twice down the stairs and down to get the same benefit.

It is noteworthy that Dr, one of the most surgical and Doctors of the World, born, Ohio and has a Turkish origin, and holds a university degree in one of the faculties of Harvard University, next to master’s and doctoral degrees, and has more than 350 books and scientific research publications, and received several patentsVisit my Blogs here http://healthandfitnessideas.mee.nu/

The big hit of his fame in American society and the world through weekly appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and as the author of the book that you are on a diet, a best-selling book in the world.

You could use a pharmaceutical treatment in the treatment of spinal atrophy?

How to use a pharmaceutical treatment for the treatment of lumbar spinal atrophy?
Pointing out that there are ways to treat atrophy of the lumbar spine is the pharmaceutical treatment or preventive treatments, which are used to try to stop lower back pain resulting from atrophy paragraphs.

Resort to pharmacological treatment would not completely eliminate the pain as confirmed experiments and previous cases denied, the patient injection, but have proved their inability to ease the pain of long-term, and that the use of epidural steroid injections (ESIS) proved in some cases not its ability to relieve pain in the form required, General Reviews http://healthandfitnes.mwb.im/

and are often used painkillers non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, as well as muscle relaxants, and analgesics for the treatment of low back pain, but the evidence on the effectiveness of the full not been established and should have a limited role in the treatment of atrophy of the lumbar spine.

Often doctors recommend patients atrophy the lumbar pain, or therapy, exercise, and the lack of pressure on the spine, and can in some cases advice Physiotherapy program to promote the provision of essential and which is useful in the treatment of atrophy of the lumbar spine.

April 23 2014


The doctor treated the backbone of a hat

Acupuncture needles fight against migraine, meningitis, facial nerve, and the consequences of stroke
Acupuncture, massage, or treat cups with hot air, the technique which treats his patients. Dr. Bo recalls several cases from their practices that confirm the power of traditional Chinese medicine.

A combination of acupuncture and acupressure cure'm a thirteen year old girl who was a basketball hit in the head and which was subsequently lost the power of speech.
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Official medicine was powerless; records showed that the girl's all right, but the question of whether parents will ever speak physicians silently shrugged their shoulders.
However, after 26 days of treatment with me running out of the office singing, like many patients who have long suffered from migraine attacks - says our interlocutor.

 She points out that, in some cases acupuncture may help to avoid surgery.
After the fall of the silo for corn dropped shoulder was in hospital for 3-4 months. They told him he needs surgery, he would not for the life of the head.

However, he was afraid, and acupuncture. He agreed to treatment when I explained to him that is all natural. His right arm was dead, fingers and arm went numb. When I stabbed the needle a certain point, he raised his hand and just said, "Oh, my God." He was happy that he avoided surgery, and since then he called me every year on the Feast - happily, that all the patients in the meantime become and a great friend.

I have such a relationship with the patient to think of them when they are not in the office. I was happy when they tell me they are better, but when I assure you that it is. When I see people on that after years of unsuccessful treatment are no longer see the painful cramp

I know that my life has meaning. White doctoral gown obliges me that patients come first. If I cannot help you, tell them where to go. The doctor has to be honest. Clean face and pure soul is priceless.

 Such a work ethic and life principles adopted in his native, growing up in the province of Shandong, where it comes from and the famous philosopher Confucius. The doctor points out that Confucius taught his people to be good, it has a cheek to be honest and loves his country and he needs to learn when he was alive.

Joey Atlas-The doctor treated the backbone of a hat

Patients who helped say they have miraculous hands, as she points out that behind the success of the treatment is a huge knowledge acquired during their studies classical Chinese and Western medicine. Massage for this ancient method alleges that the best spine, stroke, paralysis, migraine and even neurological problems.

The doctor has to be honest. Clean face and pure soul is priceless
The doctor of traditional medicine found me in Belgrade for more than a decade ago at the invitation of sports experts from FC "Red Star". She is said to portal "woman", to help coaches and players in the treatment of sports injuries of the spine and knee, as its sub-specialization. Find More Information Here Joey Atlas Review

However, after the contract with the sports club, decided to stay in Belgrade and set up a Centre of Traditional Medicine "Flourish", through which they passed many Serbian politicians, diplomats, writers, actors, athletes, "ordinary" people.
Her patients say that a miraculous hand massages "fixes" stiff neck, spine, shoulder, and as many skilled and acupuncture. Needles fight against migraine, meningitis, facial nerve, and the consequences of stroke.

Believe me, for diseases of the spine, neck, head, stomach, blood vessels, various anxiety disorders, stress, potency and more of our medicine has long been a cure, but it is important for people to break down prejudice and believe in healing "unconventional" methods-notes parallel with traditional medicine and gained a degree of Western classical medicine.
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In our medicine emphasizes the connection between body, mind and spirit, as opposed to treating the result of western, traditional Chinese medicine looks for the cause of the problem and it heals.

Among my patients are some of your most distinguished physician, medical school professor, the most illustrious men of the people, who do not have prejudice against acupuncture and acupressure, who know that there is a cure, and when official medicine is powerless in some health problems

April 18 2014


Joey Atlas Review-Beware of fructose

The fruits contain sugar high percentage of fructose. There are also a lot of fructose in artificial sweeteners such as fructose corn syrup, which companies use the food industry due to its cheap price and ease of blended juices and nutritional drinks and other products in addition to the strength of its sugar concentration.

Does not have to criminalize fructose and make it the only cause of the disease of obesity asserting that mere factor among other factors such as increased consumption of fat, protein and carbohydrates.
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The following is a list of foods and drinks that contain fructose: -
- Sugar, tea
- Corn syrup which is used in making candy Eastern and Western
- Nutritional Drinks
- Industrial juices
- Energy Drinks
- Chocolate Milk
- Breakfast cereals
- Precious sweetened
- Baked foods
- Jam
- Local yogurt
"These are some general tips that will help you in reducing weight gain:
- Cut down on your consumption of fructose-sweetened beverages and snacks by the rich. And the nature of the case, cut calories in half will not harm you in anything.

- Make sure not to increase the rate of your intake of carbohydrates about 50% of the total daily diet. And get carbohydrates from sources such as fiber-rich whole grains and vegetables.

- Always Read the bulletins on food to reduce consumption of fructose and glucose.
- Avoid packaged products containing the material components ending letters which is the last three letters which show that sugary material.

April 17 2014


Joey Atlas-Cellulite problem of age!

Complains of Arab women of cellulite rampant in her body oblivious to the cause of its formation is due to the change and the switch in the skin layer in adulthood so that they appear spots or small scars deep in the legs, pelvis, buttocks, lower limbs and other members that can be made up by cellulite.

Some women are unaware of how to get rid of cellulite or cause of his appearance in the body are missing from the man stationed in their bodies to decide discomfort after him to begin hearings cosmetic or do Balmascat that move blood in the members in order to obtain the result of a remarkable and smooth skin.

A metaphor for cellulite fat cells monolith clustered around each other to form the bumps and spots harsh pressure on the circulatory and lymphatic leading to disruption in the functions of the natural fabric.
Causes injury Balsilolit

Get 80% of the females Balsloulit after changes in her life after puberty, such as a change in Alhoromunat especially before the menstrual cycle as locked body of water, salt, and that the direct influence of the hormone estrogen Oestrogene And Aldosterone  Aldosterone And after pregnancy in addition to the switch in diet, psychological crises, genetic factors and inflammation light skin infections.

Balsilolit affected the incidence of many factors, including race, and the distribution of fat under the skin and sudden, according to studies that cellulite is born in a woman's body before birth and in the twenty-sixth week of fetal life. When puberty begins cellulite cells appear to stop at the age of twenty.

April 15 2014


Eat carbohydrates before exercise to get better results

Find best ways to maintain ideal body, requires us to actively pursue each new in the world of medicine and nutrition, and because many of the ladies themselves inductively about diets and tips that relate to maintaining fitness, it undoubtedly will not be without falling into some errors, or be followed is not correct for some guidance.

The others of the ladies remains stick to some information which who received it from a people without trying to research and the question of what is new, and the example of these tips with regard to carbohydrates and energy drinks, believed by many people that energy drinks and other beverages are necessary before the start of the exercise sports.Highful Information http://www.fatlosspot.com/venus-factor-review/

But nutrition experts and public health are advised to eat a snack of foods rich in carbohydrates slow combustion as provide the body with energy gradually and avoid the person sudden drop of energy, and foods that are recommended by the bananas, potatoes, pasta and other foods rich in carbohydrates, and is also advised to drink water during exercis
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