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April 21 2014


Venus Factor-Innocence fat overweight

Confirmed the latest studies published by the magazine "AMERICAN Match" in its latest issue that the fat is innocent of accusations that its image as being primarily responsible for the increase in weight, since fat does not interfere with agility, but may be the way to it.
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Quoted in the study of some foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids, olive oil and even and dark, which on the contrary, help to reduce the proportion of "insulin" and " triglycerides ", which leads her to become a factor resistant to fat storage at the level of the abdomen.

These unsaturated fatty acids not only benefit the overall shape, but extend to include health, where a recent study showed that eating these types of foods may decrease the rate of fat inside the abdomen by 33% with low cholesterol LDL by 10% and triglycerides by 30%.

Some researchers search for fat under the leadership of Professor at the Research Center for Health Public University have confirmed that the study was conducted on a number of volunteers that after a month of tests has improved the health of the sample and their health improved markedly and, above all, have lost 4 to 7 kilograms throughout this period.

April 17 2014


Cinnamon guide in the fight against abdominal fat

Drink cinnamon from hot drinks rich elements useful, which gives the body activity, and energy, and provided medical studies important information about the cinnamon after it conducted the studies and scientific research in the role of cinnamon in getting rid of abdominal fat, waist and also have a role in reducing the level of blood sugar, and cinnamon Benefits also in maintaining insulin sensitivity and has anti-oxidant properties and anti-bacterial.

In spite of that cinnamon does not help burn fat directly, such as speeding up the metabolic rate and the like, but help in the fight against abdominal fat and so indirectly by regulating the level of sugar in the blood and increase insulin sensitivity.

Therefore, you should increase the use of cinnamon daily in your meals such as the use of cinnamon on yogurt or cottage cheese, juices, oatmeal or any meal suitable to put cinnamon on it.

You can also eat cinnamon capsules before meals, especially before meals, high-calorie and this will hold the rate of sugar in the blood and reduces the feeling of hunger, which leads to weight loss effectively later with time.

Among the benefits of cinnamon as a powerful antioxidant helps to maintain the freshness of your face and free of wrinkles and will help you to emerge from the age of the youngest age always.
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