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April 28 2014


In a year and a half ago with 120 lost weight at 55 pounds!

To be in a year and a half and can more than halve the weight of the body and stay healthy proved from fields that prides itself with its 55 pounds. In fact, before he decided to lose weight was 120 pounds.

Decided to discard bad habits, there is no more a pound sticks for lunch, scooping five times the plate for lunch, or going after a hearty meal dental hygienist. Weight loss has not introduced any particular regime. She threw only bread and proceeded to eat the rest.

The thing is quantity. After they emptied the plate for lunch, it would immediately put down the sink and went out for a walk.
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The first 500 meters, and then I gradually increased and often violent stroke - Hrastic states
She was at 49 pounds, but is still slightly back so as not to undermine health. Now proudly posing in one leg of the old work pants, which she seamstress several times had to expand

Now more and cannot eat as much as she could before. But it's full of confidence.

Never in my skin did not feel like now and subjectively and objectively. I kept listening'' Thick, thick, fed well to ashes! "- Says proudly.

Shocked many people a new look. At the celebration of anniversaries, graduations many former classmates did not recognize her and even her or third neighbor after half a year did not recognize.
The feeling was great - concludes interlocutor

April 25 2014


Herbal weight loss Testosterone for Men

Significant advances in many aspects of the metabolic syndrome in the last 2 years of treatment. Specifically, weight, waist circumference and body mass index of men.

(A measure of body fat) continued to decline during the study period full of other factors that are at risk for burn improved significantly even during the first year of treatment, testosterone.

47 of whom met the diagnostic criteria for metabolic syndrome at the beginning of the study, 36 (77 percent) did not have a diagnosis after 2 years of treatment, the authors report.

In addition, liver function improved significantly in the last 12 to 18 months of stabilization, and the remainder of the study period.

The treatment also significantly reduced blood levels of C-reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation that is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

"We conclude that treatment with testosterone in men with testosterone deficiency can largely improve or even resolve metabolic syndrome, which is most likely to reduce the risk of disease. diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Meso Therapy fat injection

Meso fat is one way to get rid of excess fat with the doctor uses needle injection drug delivery properties which fat accumulates in the fat layer. Using several drugs, such as Phosphatidylcholine, Deoxycholate, L-carnitine, Dexpanthenol (B5), Amino acids, Minerals, etc

The amount injected. It depends on the area you want, such as might be used 0.2-0.5 cc every 1-2 sq. cm apart by deep injection into the fat layer of 0.1 mm -12 mm Therapy Mesotherapy technique (Mesotherapy). Click Here http://healthandfitnessideas.igots.me

There nowadays have developed an injectable fat for Mesofat convenient and more modern works faster and side effects matter lesions after injection less time to do less, just two weeks later time’s makes. Carboxytherapy May be an option later. Because lyrics Takes over and the need to do more often than 1-2 times a week

Mechanism of fat by injection found that the drug is to make wall fat (Fat cell wall) split out to catch the fat as a pack on. Dissolves into liquid fat (Lipid Fat) and is excreted in the urine (mostly), and feces.

Popular position to break down fat, fat cheeks Mesofat way to adjust the taper coupled with Botox face. Chin fat Fat belly, arms, thighs, hips, belly fat breast. (Gynecomastia) and fat calves.

April 24 2014


Venus Factor-How to treat neck pain

Neck pain, pain from the neck is almost the same as the causes of lower back pain with a different transmission of pain (as a result of the pressure on the nerve roots) to the shoulder and arms, and is diagnosed case full examination of the patient and compared and MRI on the neck area.

Months reasons are the joints of the cervical spine and is characterized by pain of vertebral joints in different types of pain caused them, and also the widespread her as she caused about eighty percent of neck pain caused arthritis upper neck type famous of headaches in the head, and cause arthritis middle of the neck in pain in the neck.Free Venus Factor Review Report

 The joints of the lower neck causing pain in the shoulder and upper chest from behind, such as the neck muscles, which are diagnosed with clinical examination, these pains and is injected into the muscle with anti-inflammatory
The Homeland slipped disc and is cured by an x-ray showing injection into the neural tube of the neck.

In the case of slipped disc are the work of a scalable and steaming cartilage cervical with the benefit the same features such as steaming cartilage lumbar are as follows:

is performed using local anesthesia during the opening minutes Leave No Trace with failure to remove any part of the spine,
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and the lack of any laceration in the back muscles, and maintain the dynamic stability of the spine, and does not require stitches and are from outside the neural tube does not happen then fibrosis or adhesions nerve canal, and it takes about twenty minutes and the patient's return to his home after an hour

April 21 2014


Venus Factor-Facts to follow the best diet

Fact: Not all fat is harmful.
We all need fat in our diets, works to absorb some of the values important nutrients in the food, which is an integral part of the formation of cells and help the body to function different efficiently, but a lot of eating foods that contain a high percentage of fat, many pounds in addition to making you more susceptible to heart attacks and cancer, and even avoid taking those things, make sure to cook the food canola or olive oil, and eating fish of all kinds in different meals as much as possible.

Fact: Avoid eating carbohydrates for weight loss cause backfire.
Avoid eating carbohydrates during follow a diet food, makes you lose nutritional values are very important to build the muscles of the body, and so as not to fall down in a bind carbohydrate intake in an exaggerated manner lead to the opposite result, Strive always to take the amount of carbohydrates needed for your body by eating vegetables, fruits, and grains that where there is.

Here specialists offer you a simple program to your diet, which contain 50% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 20% protein.
Error: eating foods with a calorie few reduces weight.

Eating foods with low-calorie, makes you in a vegetative state and hunger constantly, unlike the low rate of the process of burning food, connects you to that state to crack down on the food, which allows for increased weight.Best Ideas http://www.fatlosspot.com/venus-factor-review/

So doctors advise you to eat your meals interspersed with the main snacks to be small quantities, and spaced at intervals, taking into account chew food slowly that gives you a sense of satiety quickly, and helps to digest food properly

April 17 2014


John Barban-Increase calories in the following ways

Eat some sweets at the end of each meal or replaced sandwich of cream and jam or honey.

Add the margarine when cooking foods in order to increase the calories in the food.

Add honey to milk and hot drinks.

Eating nuts and dried fruits in small meals or added to salads and rice.
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Drinking a glass of milk with lunch and dinner

Add grated cheese to rice, pasta and cheese cubes of white authority.

The use of butter or margarine on sandwiches when prepared before you put cheese or peanut butter and jam or honey added after that.

Whole milk or multiplier and that brings added a third of a cup of skim milk powder to a cup of whole milk, which contains calories superiority of whole milk by 50% and the amount of protein weakness whole milk.Avoid drinking water during meals because it weakens the digestive enzymes and hinders the process of digestion, as well as it fills the stomach and makes a slim feel full quickly.

Finally, we must learn that exercise plays an important role in maintaining human health where strengthens muscles and makes weight gain concentrated instead of increasing fat as it opens the appetite and reduce the impact of psychological stress on public health.

It must follow a program of balanced diet with exercise weights assigned exercises to build muscle and reduce the intensity of aerobic exercise a little.

April 16 2014


Venus Factor-Fat loss for professionals

Steroids category yet aside, perhaps the exaggerated muscle increases do not worry if you do not take steroids. It looks just as good if not associated with obesity.

Otherwise, these girls generally have a healthy physique and also very nice.

 Apparently for business reasons, however, supported women's fear of muscles and exercise
 Probably because they would not spend billions a year for creams, diets, and other guaranteed and modern methods of weight loss.
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Interestingly, bodybuilder, which in its top form arouses dread, gives the off-season only envy and admiration.
For comparison, the last place I put one of these cats in competitive form. But again, such forms do not be afraid, for that is needed more than a normal diet.

 Here we get on thin ice, and indicate how offend
 Just as steroids in sports and its broader ethical issue a separate article

Also, they look at other sports than just bodybuilding and fitness.
 It is clear that different sports have different effects on the body, also there have a genetic disposition, and not least the fact that we have no idea of where the abuse steroids.

Tip: This form already requires so much knowledge and toil is not what they do.
Obesity A lot of girls think that there is one and if nee. Or the other way around
Council of kilos and height are not helping. Muscles is 2x weighs more than fat.
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